We attended First Church of Bethlehem this morning. We are both feeling better physically. Dottie needs a miracle in her eyes. We are spending time seeking God’s will & trusting that he will send maintenance personnel and more house parents to Casa.

Aroldo attended a conference on dialysis and said he learned so much. Also Luis called him and is ill in the hospital beginning to swell so please pray for him.


There were 603,550 men who left Egypt and only two would enter the Promised Land: Joshua and Caleb. Joshua was the youngest as Caleb was 85. In Joshua 14:6-15 we read the story of Caleb telling Joshua that he wanted a certain mountain for his inheritance given to his daughters. Joshua gave permission and Caleb at 85 years of age raised his sword and fought the enemies until he possessed what he had proclaimed.

Obviously he was courageous and confident and both of these characteristics are necessary for success in the Christian life.

This old man teaches us three things about true Christian retirement.

First, Never let go of a promise given by God. It may not come immediately and it may not come for years but it will come in Gods time.

Second, Never retire from serving God. I am trusting God to make this transition a success but it does not mean I retire from the labors of serving God.

Third, Never retreat from your enemy. Satan is as a roaring lion. He attacks your mind and brings the type of fear that causes you to freeze, be indecisive and frightened.

Never, Never, Never let of His promises to you. God will see they come to pass.