Row your boat

Brandi left for the states for three weeks.

Dottie had her third eye injection. While at the clinic our tub was running and flooded the bedroom and closet and poured through the ceiling.

We bought more of the staple foods we have for our house while we are gone. Gladys will stay in our home with the children while we are gone.

Today I read that a school district in the USA passed a law that teachers cannot refer to their students as “boys and girls”. What is happening to our culture? Christ must be coming soon.


Leaving the family of Adam we arrive at Noah who found grace in the eyes of the Lord according to Genesis 6:8. He was also referred to as perfect in his generation. When you think that 9 generations have passed that puts Noah at the head of God’s class of heroes.

Just as with Adam and his family Noah will come face to face with a moral crisis in his life. After an explanation by God of what God was intending to do Noah builds a boat 450 feet long, 75 feet wide and 45 feet high. He is told to fill it with all species of life upon earth.

With the laughter surrounding him by an evil world Noah builds this ark although the world had never even seen rain. The Word says that the earth was watered by mist from the ground, not rain from above.

The faith and obedience to stand against an evil generation and being laughed at with each step Noah was an example of how sometimes we stand alone while the world looks and laughs. Today Christians are seen as fools and bigoted. Noah was first to face these accusations.

When you find grace in the eyes of God by being obedient and faithful in the face of criticism God can elevate you to a position of being used for His glory while the world fades away around you.