Pride bring failure

Friday nights the children have praise & worship without any staff present. Normally it is from 6-8pm. But this one went until 11pm. We pray that God will continue to move in their lives.

A young man sent me Joshua 1:9, “To be strong and..” I know some folks think I share too much of my inward struggles with you. But I know some people will pray, send encouraging verses and hold my hands up. How will you know what I need if I do not “share one another’s burdens”?

Visitors entertaining the children
Visitors entertaining the children


Accountability is necessary if we are to grow and succeed as Christians or parents or leaders. One of the most difficult decisions that we have to make at Casa is how to get inside the heart of a hurting child. If the child does not say their toe hurts we will not rub it. If a child is filled with anger and expresses that anger but will not tell us ‘why’ we cannot successfully treat their need.

If I went to a physician and told him “Doc I am so sick” and he in turn asks “What are your symptoms? Where does it hurt?” and I tell him “GUESS” there is no communication sufficient to make a sound medical conclusion.

Why do we Christians act like that? Why when we are hurting should we not tell our Christian family “The pain is here. Help me!”? I hate playing that game with the teenagers here at Casa because if they do share what is hurting them it makes our job as a staff so much more difficult. The child suffers even more.

I would much rather you know where my pain is so that you can help the Great Physician bring me healing. Someone said “Pride makes cowards of us all” and Jesus says “You have not because you ask not”.

I am not too proud to tell you I struggle and I am not so foolish that I will not ask. How will they know?