The evening meal on Thursday are actually picnics with each family sharing a meal together. It has worked so well and the extra time with their siblings helps them to bond.

Girl's floor in dialysis dorm
Girl’s floor in dialysis dorm

I recently saw a statistic of $20,000,000,000 a year is spent on pornography every year in America alone. It stated that those viewing or purchasing porn are from every walk of life and nearly every age group One study shows that children as young as 9 are getting on the internet to watch porn. It does not take a genious to understand that a culture of lust has overtaken our country. Of course porn is a worldwide problem.

If you are my age you rarely heard the words, “divorce” or “affair” and neither did you have much opportunity to view nude photographs and surely there were no over-the-counter books available for purchase by teenagers. Movies were clean as was music. TV was focused on stories of “home life” such as “Leave it to Beaver” and “Father Knows Best”.

Now the father is pretty much fading as a role model. 50-60% of marriages end in divorce. The joke is that the gift most given on your 25th anniversary is a divorce. Statistics show that one racial group in the USA has 75% of it’s children born to an unwed mother. I have suffered this pain personally in my family.

After 73 years of life and being involved in the lives of 1000s of teenagers I cane surmise that everyone desires to be cherished, loved and respected. It causes them to leap too quickly and the results are disastrous. When the love needs are not being met a person seeks the wrong type of love in all the wrong places.

To know God is to know love. When we know His love we can pass it on to our spouses and children.