CNA requested we place another couple in Vencedores to assist Lee & Candy. Jim & Kate have graciously agreed. There are 64 8-12 year old boys in that dorm.

The school had an end-of-the-third semester program. Jim spoke to the children.

Jessie will leave Friday morning for surgery and return for a short period time before leaving Casa after blessing us for 5 years. Replacing her will be difficult. Pray with us that the person to replace her is already hearing God speaking to them.

School assembly
School assembly

Over fifty years ago two of our 3 children who died would pass away. The pressure that it placed upon our marriage was like having a 3 ton elephant sitting on our chests. Dottie and I both suffered to the point that the marriage became strained and even began to come apart. I wish I could tell you we waved a magic wand and all the pain and conflict went away. But it didn’t. Our marriage strained and nearly just simply unraveled.

As Christians we were led to believe that we were to be happy at all times. In fact some folks made us feel as though sadness was an unforgivable sin. We both walked in condemnation as we taught Sunday school, worked with the teenagers in the church and fellowshipped with other Christians.

One day we were reading and a scripture just leaped off the pages of the Bible. It was Psalms 30:5, “Weeping may endure for a night but joy comes in the morning”. We looked at one another and said almost at the same moment “All we have to do is make it to the morning”.

From that moment on we walked through the valley of the shadow of death with our eyes focused on the SUN eventually rising up in or lives.

The night will always surround us but if we hold fast the sun will rise and the darkness will lift. Jesus will clear your eyes and you will see your way through that valley. I have had my share of pain as has Dottie but we still awaken each day to watch the LIGHT of JESUS arise and make all things clear.