Dr. Miguel & the nurses have finished all of the medical exams on all of the children so they are ready to present to CNA. You have no idea how important this is.

A group of us went dorm to dorm with the list of necessary changes also for CNA. We could certainly use a maintenance team as the list is extremely long. Most of it is easy. There is just so much to doRoxanna on the first day of school in Xela.

Roxanna on the first day of school in Xela.


I am learning how to slow down my life.  When we began speaking of the transition I honestly wondered whether I could actually slow down. It seems as though I have been busy since childhood. Of course I was a normal little boy who played from sunup to sun down and entered junior high and began playing sports, delivering papers and trying to be a decent student.

High school came and it was classes, football and work as well as dating so I lived a life of “Hurry, hurry!” Going off to college and studying, playing ball and dating kept me on the treadmill. Marrige, moving to California and losing our first child caused me to return to Louisiana and college studies for my Master’s Degree, teaching classes and driving to Pineville early every morning to work until 10am when I returned to work daily writing a thesis and teaching classes.

That only brought us the birth of another very ill child and moving to Florida to work on my doctorate, teach classes and work. Following graduation we returned to Louisiana……then Lafayette and on to Lake Charles and finally to Guatemala. Nine adopted children and 27 years on the mission field and over 5000 children coming through the gates and all the while aging but rushing even more.

But here I sit today wanting to slow down. Is it possible to change my gait at the age of 73? Can I really slow down when I have been going so fast that it appeared I was on a railroad track and a trainwas bearing down on me?

I Can!