Forgiveness #2

The value of the dollar is going down which is further affecting our finances. Daily I pray for unity with the children, staff and transition team and I pray for the finances.

One of theĀ children on dialysis began having seizures so she will spend the night in the hospital.

We are scheduled to receive 5 girls later tonight.


We are preparing the building for painting. It is huge.
We are preparing the building for painting. It is huge.

Forgiveness is to be shared. I have had my share of broken relationships. I have offended many, many people. I have had my feelings hurt and I have hurt others. Without the forgiveness from God purchased for me by His own Son what a miserable life it would be.

But having said this there is another aspect of forgiveness and that is forgiveness must be shared. Matthew 5:7 says that one of our great blessings is that we pass it on. I must forgive others as Jesus has forgiven me. Even the disciples had questions about the responsibility of forgiveness. One even asked how many times should he forgive a person. The disciple thought 7 times (the law of Moses) was sufficient. Enough is enough was his mantra.

But Jesus said that 70 times 7 was the minimum. As many times I have offended someone I do not believe it is anywhere near 490 times and certainly no one has ever offended me 490 times. And since God never changes His promise of forgiveness when we repent we need to get on that same relational plane as God. We need to forgive others.

He will never overlook sin but He will forgive those who are truly repenting of what they have done in their own lives. I need to pass that on!