Everything can change in a moment

The seniors presented their special projects accomplished in groups and shared with all of the children and staff. They were excellent presentations.  The years fly by as Quique who came to us as an infant is now graduating and that is remarkable to me. He has lived in our house since arriving.

The transition has even reached into my power point for when I share in the states. Gladys & Minor are putting it together with me so it will be different than years past.

Biology class presentation
Biology class presentation

Everything around us can be so normal for such a long time and then in a moment everything can change. 9/11 changed the entire world together. It changed travel, check-ins at airports, costs, etc. When a child dies it changes everything. Dottie and I went from two happy, head-in-the-clouds twenty years old when our first child died to immedicate growth emotionally and relationally. It forever changed our goals as to what was important in life.

An illness, an accident, a Wall Street crash and hundreds of other disasters change us for ever. There is only One Who does not change. There is only One upon whom we can rely and will be with us when we awaken in the mornings, walk through either fire or joy. We cannot depend on circumstances, wealth or any other natural happening to make us feel good everyday. Every person who has ever walked the face of the earth has felt pain, sorrow, disappointment and experienced incredible heartache.

Throughout the Bible there are two words that pop up from time to time. “But God”! Psalms 73:26 “My strength and my heart shall fail BUT GOD is the strength and my portion forever”. He never changes. “My portion” means that He is always enough. He is sufficient. Someone counted the “But God” in the Bble and said it occurred over 36 times.

Sarai and Abrahama could have no children “But God”. Hannah and Elizabeth also were barren “But God”. Noah faced ridicule and laughter and an outpouring of rain that makes Katrina look like a faucet drip “But God”. A small young man is hated by his brothers, thrown into a pit and sold into slavery “But God”. Daniel was thrown into the lion’s den and the three Hebrew children were thrown into the furnace and later Paul was thrown into prison as was Peter “But God”.

What looks impossible to us is easy for God. My prayer is that my life will continue to be led by a Heavenly Father Who can simply be explained by “But God”.