Ezdras had a music group come and play for our morning services and they were excellent. The keyboard player is Marlin’s fiance.

As calm as yesterday was today was the opposite.

Our older girls finished second in their soccer league.

We are preparing for the visit from CNA Monday. They will inspect our files & photograph every child here.The soccer team

Everyone will experience disappointment at sometime or another in their lifetime.  Marriages fall apart, jobs are lost, children break our hearts and I am sure you can throw in something or someone you have been disappointed about. It just happens to all of us.

Things just do not always go our way, I know my disappointments have to do with looking back in my life and realizing where I failed or where I should have been a better father, husband and leader. Synonyms for disappointment are regret, sadness and even letdown or bummer. I sure have messed up a lot as I look back over the last 73 years.

I told Dottie recently that with the transition I have experienced as much sadness as joy watching my young people take over my responsibilities. But I remember reading the words of some philosopher “Do not let today’s disappointments cast a shadow on tomorrow’s dreams”.

The decision to make the changes is not filled with regret. I know that I made the right decision as to who and when in this transition period. My dream for the future of Casa is alive in my heart. Becoming a “new me” is the problem.

I ran on a number of track relay teams. I always ran second leg and passed the baton to the third runner and then I walked off the track. Releasing the baton has meant that I am no longer running the same race. My lap is behind and now I have to move forward.

This is not easy for an old codger!