David’s Cave

CNA called Sebastian and Analy back to a meeting in the city. It was about staff-child ratios. We need dorm parents. We need assistant dorm parents. This would be a great opportunity for anyone 21or over who wants to serve either male or female. Pray about it.

My son, Tony, has been here 10 years & does all of our technical work but his 10 year old computer passed away. If you have an extra one laying around we would appreciate it.

The weather has been freezing and damp.

Pray for the finances for Casa.

We received 6 new children today.

Waiting for the program to begin
Waiting for the program to begin


David had many delayed answers in his life. He prayed but wandered in the desert and lived in a cave. He killed Goliath and then King Saul attempted to kill him. Saul had been disappointed but blamed it on David rather than assume responsibility and repent. This caused David to run for his life for years.

In Psalms 25 we can see that David became lonely and despondent. Depression even entered into his life although he had been called by God for great things.It happened so quickly. He was hailed as a victor and a hero and in some way he was worshipped and all of a sudden it collapsed. ┬áHe followed God’s will. He had all the great qualities of brave, smart, talented and especially annointed. But he finds himself in a cave.

I get that way some time. I get sad and depressed. I feel isolated and alone. I have to ask God if I serve Him out of ego or love. Am I only doing what I do because it fills a need within me? I have to ask myself why I am in ministry? Is to to honor Him or to fill my need?