Bad son, good son

The opthamologist called in a retina specialist and they decided to continue with injections in Dottie’s eye and wait until October to make a decision on surgery.

Our joy as grandparents
Our joy as grandparents


We see the first mother and the first murderer so let’s look at the first martyr. Abel had a heart for God. Unlike his brother, Cain, he wanted to please the Lord. This may sound ugly but sometimes I feel somewhat like Adam because he was raising an evil son and a godly son at the same time. There are some angels here at Casa and there are also some who are a little lower than the angels.

Abel was a martyr because his brother was jealous that God accepted Abel’s offering and rejected his. Very familiar battle lines in many families! A line is drawn between good and evil, right and wrong, obedience and disobedience.

God tells us that Abel was righteous. A curse was placed upon Cain. We should learn from this story that we need to give our best to God regardless of ridicule or anger shown to us by others.

It is sad but true that innocent people suffer and have negative, harmful reactions shown towards them for being what God wants them to be. Years ago I had a situation where I received a telephone call saying “We are leaving the church because all you care about are rich people” and three hours later the postman delivered a letter that read, “We are leaving the church because you only care about poor people”. Honest! One saw rich and one saw poor.

I called Brother Holton and he came with Jackie and when I told him the story I finished by saying, “Howard, how do you please people?” His answer was wisdom-filled as he replied “Mike, please the Lord and you will please the RIGHT people”.