We left a little before 4am to take Wes & Debbie to the airport. There was a horrible accident down the mountain so I had to turn & drive over 1 mile into oncoming traffic & skirt the city to get them there. God blessed us and we arrived with 10 minutes to spare.

Dottie is working hard on her yard and gardens with her team of boys so all will be in place when we leave. She leaves them a schedule to insure that the yard is beautiful when she returns.

I am trying to get all of my responsibilities, banking, supplies, etc. in order before we go the states next week.

Lily and Analy doing paperwork
Lily and Analy doing paperwork

Chickens and turkeys can fly, but they rarely do because they are most comfortable on the ground. Sparrows and other small birds fly, but they mostly use their wings to get from one tree to another. But eagles soar.

I have been a chicken, a turkey and a sparrow. I have rarely been an eagle although I know that is what God expects of me. It is easier to be a chicken and never take a chance on anything new. It is also easier to be a turkey and just strut around the barnyard as though you were in control.

Most of us are sparrows using the gifts, blessings and benefits of God in a very limited way. We only desire to get ahead, make a little progress, not rock the boat and hide among the leaves.

But some Christians are truly eagles. They soar! They set their sights on the higher goals and they look at the natural world from a different perspective. It is easy to stay safely on the ground. But you will never have the view or the vision of the eagle. You must arise and soar.

Let God bring you higher and higher. Reach for the starts. Make a choice to do the impossible.