Three of our graduates are in line for academic scholarships for San Carlos University.

The workers have begun tiling the second floor of the dialysis building.

Victor and Celia left for the states today. My grandson Robert begins college today.

Elisas & Andrea finished first in mathematics at the area academic Olympics. The prize for each was an Apple I-Pad Tablet.

Dottie had her eye exam & her vision has improved slightly.

We were given a new dental chair. Patty began helping in the clinic.

Elias and Andreas in the back row(tallest)


Elias (far left) and Andreas(top right)

Children's church
Children’s church:The teens who lead are awesome


James1:17 says, “Every good thing given and every perfect gift is from above”. Everything that is good and right comes from my heavenly Father. He is always the same and never changes. He is faithful to His Word and desires His children to be blessed.

This morning as I was praying and thinking on the transition young people I just was overcome with the desire to see them succeed. God is the origin, author and finisher of our faith. If I have done the job which God assigned to me years ago then these young people will succeed.

Jesus needs to be both my and their motivation. God has always supplied our every need. He loves the children more than I do. I can supply nothing but He has and will supply everything. He has carved out a FAMILY here on a mountain in San Bartolome’ Milpas Altas Sacatepequez Guatemala. He has priviledged me to be their father and Dottie their mother for over 27 years.

The problem with too many Christians is they think they need to DO something in order to receive His blessings. You cannot say that you do not study enough or give enough or pray enough.

The only think we have to do is LOVE ENOUGH. Love Him and love others! Therein lies the Truth!