Inner peace #3

The child who had the heart surgery is a handful. He is so active and getting spoiled having to be taken care of by Lucy. He is too active to put with the other 5 year olds as there still is healing to be completed.

Analy has only to finish her thesis and she receives her Masters in Social Work.



From Isaiah 26:3 it says, “Thou will keep him in perfect peace , whose mind is stayed on thee: because he trusteth in Thee.” The first point we made was that inner peace comes as a gift from God and secondly we must trust in God on a daily basis.

Now, thirdly, we must live a life of contentment. It is difficult to have peace when we are not satisfied with what we have in life. I wish that I knew in advance that everything we need to operate through the rest of the year was assured and already in the bank. I would be content wouldn’t I? But there is not trust in that.

Joseph went from tragedy to tragedy without complaining or doubting God and His plan. All of us know the story and how it ends with 5 of his brothers standing before Pharoah asking for the best land of Goshen for their flocks. They received favor and the best land not because of who they were but because of who their brother was.

All Joseph wanted was what God wanted for him. That is contentment and with that contentment he received his family and they were blessed and he lived many years in prosperity. True contentment means that I am satisfied with my salvation, my station in life and the calling of God upon my life. That paves the road to my future and my eternity with Him.