A majority of our office staff attended another CNA session for all homes for children. It seems the government wants to stack rules upon rules.

In September we make our trip home unfortunately both Gretchen & Brandi will be gone also for 2 to 3 weeks. If you would like to help by staying in the dorm with the college girls that would help us tremendously.

There is a couple considering coming full time but need to sell their home so can you just add that to your prayer list. They still need to be interviewed by our board chairman but I am excited.

We received a 4 month old and 4 & 6 year olds.

Having the men’s prayer time Friday nights sure helps me to focus and be uplifted.

Bathroom walls in dialysis
Bathroom walls in dialysis



Not every hero has a name everyone knows or remembers. Of course, I am no hero nor famous but Jesus has allowed me to receive the tremendous blessing of founding and leading Casa in Guatemala. So let me share a story.

In 1961 I was visiting Dottie’s family for the first time. As a non-Christian I was not welcomed at that moment with open arms except for one future sister-in-law and Dottie’s father who would be the one God would use to bring me to Jesus.

He and I were driving around Crossett, Arkansas when he took me to a couple’s home to visit for a few moments. As we were sitting together my future father-in-law asked the man “Are you saved?” and he answered “Yes, I am born again”. Then his wife leaned over and said “Yes we are both born again. Jesus is our Lord and Savior”. It was at that moment that I felt the electricity of being in the presence of God and 24 hours later I was born again. For over 50 years two things are certain. First, I am born again and have never doubted it.

Second, I do not know who that woman was. I wonder if she realizes that her answer that day put me on a path to receive Jesus and live these last 50 years mostly in ministry? I do not know her name. But she is my hero.

Do you have an unknown hero?