I enjoyed my couple of hours Saturday with the Vencedore’s boys. Oh, we also could use a couple to assist there and a couple of God-called young female adults to assist in Jessie’s dorm.

The Florida team had a movie and snacks for the children.

A small group arrived from North Carolina.

New dorm for the little boys
New dorm for the little boys

More than two African Americans and five Dallas policemen were killed this past week.  Jesus said that if we hate anither person we have killed them. Millions of Americans have been dying the last few years. Whether it is Islamic terrorists or home grown killers they are converting millions to murder.

Booker T Washington said,’ I will never allow any man to reduce me to hate”. This was a man who was racially profiled in the days of the KKK and lynching but he knew they could take his body but not his will to forgive. The minute you hate someone you become their slave.

Hatred captures your mind and heart and robs you of inner peace. In fact I know from my own experience that hatred can consume your every waking moment and also not allow you to sleep peacefully.

Let me take you on a trip even though it may appear I am getting off subject. Adam and Eve lived in a perfect world until sin entered their lives through disobedience. They broke the only rule He gve them and that broke His heart. His broken heart then caused a broken relationship.

Now all of His perfect creation would break. But He loved Adam, Eve and us so much He would not allow them to live forever in a broken world. He gave us a limited number of years to live and He sent His Son Jesus to provide a way for us to love and not hate. Then at the end of the appointed time for each of us He restores us to a perfect place.

He never quit loving us. As Christians we should never allow others to bring us down to the place of hate. The only answer to the hatred in the world today is for us to love one another regardless of race, creed, natonality or any other difference. And we cannot do it! Only Jesus!

If you love Him He will love others through you.