Dottie will need laser surgery on her eye.

We have two social worker interns. Julissa and possibly

Brenda will be trained on the mechanical cow.

The teams had a program of games and teaching for all of the older children.

We received a new 5 year old today.

Kevin took his physics entrance exam today for entrance in medical school. Friday he takes the chemistry portion so he has asked for your prayers.


Do you ever think what a different world it would be if Christians loved one another? Yes, I said it! Christians! Jesus tells us to love our enemies. If He asked us to do that don’t you think we can love one another? It tears me up emotionally and physically when I see Christians arguing over temperal things. I hate it!

It is as though Christians see other Christians as demons rather than as brothers. Have you ever seen a church split? Have you ever seen a pastor leave a church only to build another church a few miles away and take part of the original congregation with him?

Have you ever seen people argue about doctrine and actually condemn another person? Have you ever seen Christians fight over the smallest of worldly things. Some Christians actually get angry at another Christian over their respective colleges or their favorite teams.

I know that if it hurts me to see that it must just detroy the heart of our Father. Family fueds can split a family for years. That should not be!