With the new laws in the courts we have a shortage of older girls who can fill positions in the baby dorm, kitchen, etc. I am always giving you things to pray about but I believe that is the reason you read these blogs.

My birthday was perfect! No gifts, ice cream or cake. Josue’ is still going to the bank to pay inscriptions & tuitions for the new semester. Sebastian and the transition team along with the American staff are doing a marvelous job and that is the greatest gift. It has only been 6 months since we began and we are leaps ahead of where I thought we would be.

The Americans continue to have activities for the children & some are going off campus to minister.

Henry and Josue with the first place trophey
Henry and Josue with the first place trophey


I was very upset the last few days as we see the increase in violence and hatred in the USA. I remember when Katrina hit New Orleans people would tell me they were reading facebook, twitter and all that social media junk. Now I have never, not even once, been on facebook, etc. but I was told that when the gay night club was attacked in Orlando there were “Christians” writing on social media that they were being judged just like New Orleans was with Katirna becase she was wicked.

Now hatred seems to be so common place in the world today with terrorist attacking on every continent and people rising up in hatred to get their eye-for-an-eye. There are two thoughts that I want to share and the first is that when you are happy when another preson dies and you claim to be a Christian you are in a dangerous place. Even God does not take plesure in the death of the wicked and He knows who they are. We don’t!!

Secondly, I am sick of the news media having all the “experts” come in to give their solutions. There is only one solution and America has being kicking Him out of public schools, municipal buildings and every other place. His name is Jesus–the Prince of Peace–and you and I (if we are Christians) should be praying for our government and not compaining or judging the spiritual conditions of others.

My heart is saddened by the deaths of those in Orlando as well as the two men in Baton Rouge and Minnenapolis as is it saddened by the slaughter of the 5 policemen in Dallas. Thousands are dying around the world. We should be crying just as Jesus cried over Jerusalem.

Duh!!! The answer is in that book you carry every Sunday. The Bible!