Creative faith

Teams from Florida and Kentucky are here. Along with our staff and Brant from Louisiana are putting up walls in the 7 bathrooms and installing the plumbing.

Some teens have spoken with Ezdras to say they also want to be water baptized so he and Gladys will begin teaching the meaning of baptism.

Adam and Chad putting in bathroom walls
Adam and Chad putting in bathroom walls

God has always through history been able to get very ordinary people to do extraordinary things. We all are aware of Abraham and how He made him a father of many nations even at 100 years of age. Moses led millions through a desert and God provided everything for those many years of wilderness living. I could list so many great men and women of God who were used so mightily by God. There was Joshua, Nehemiah, Deborah, Esther and hundreds of others.

Abraham had a mountain of natural circumstance ¬†that just seemed to make it impossible for him to be the father of even one child much less “many nations”. There are different types of faith and one of those is creative faith. This sort of faith is what we need when we face impossible odds or difficulties.

Abraham ws not perfect because he took a concubine and created a baby on his own in a natural way. He had no faith at that moment. What he needed was creative faith. That is the faith which says that God can create the world from nothing but His own words.

You cannot take things into your own hands and attempt to hurry God along. It is very important for me to see in my heart what God is wanting for and from me and stand on the Word and let Him create in my life what He has planned for my life. I cannot rush the Lord.

Today the world is paying the price for Abraham’s rushing into being a father. His first child is the father of the Moslem world whereas the child God desired for him was Isaac and through his seed came Christianity.

SLOW DOWN!  Allow God to create in you what He desires.