Continue in the faith



Olossians 1:23 says, “If you continue in the faith”. Perseverance is what God expects and desires of us. The race is set before us the day of our salvation. The race for some is to be a pastor, evangelist, Sunday school teacher, housewife, business person, politician, etc. for the glory of God Himself.

God puts us at the starting line and He says, “Don’t quit!”. Paul is saying in Colossians that we are not to stop when it gets rough or stressful. Our feet are planted on solid ground (faith) as Paul says we are now what is referred to as “the perseverance of the saints”.

The race may be short or long. It may seem to always being run uphill or it may be just a constant, steady race.

Hang in there! Continue whatever you have begun for the Lord and His glory. You and I have the strength from God to run therefore we never run alone.