Act of love, act of worship

CNA dropped by to see a child and the physician on their team said that he had never seen our office and records in such order. That is a complement that only we here can fully understand. I am proud of the team. We still have a ways to go but step-by-step we are getting there.

Painting with a load
Painting with a load

Martin Luther King, Jr. said, “Hatred paralyzes life, love releases it. Hatred confuses life, love harmonizes life. Hatred darkens life , love illuminates life.”

My children at Casa need to learn love and not hate. When they are angry at me or someone else at Casa it is not really anger for us. It is the anger or hatred that they feel towards the one who violated them; the parent who threw them away; the policeman who found them and took them to court; the judge who sent them here and then finally they have someone upon which they can cast their anger and hatred.

In my heart I know that they are feeling WORTHLESS. No one in their lives have made them to feel good about themselves. Now they are here and we as a staff must undo years of mental, emotional, physical or sexual abuse. When a child is damaged by the people in their lives who they love and expected to love them back he is damaged with the heaviness of WORTHLESSNESS.

So now it is up to the staff at Casa and other children who have walked through the same feelings and know who they are in Christ. We have to go into a war mood. Everything a Christian does should be an act of worship and an act of war.

We are fighting for the lives and souls of these children whom God sends to us. Our first step must be in the direction of allowing the children to see that they are accepted in Christ. The war starts there!