We have a number of teams here so I preached in Spanish and then English which I truly enjoy doing. I preached on standing in a bean field and doing something that no one else wants to do. Doing the small things makes you large in the eyes of God.

The teams combined for a game night & then praise time with the teens.


2nd floor in Genesis
2nd floor in Genesis (girls)

When we have problems it isn’t God punishing us or trying to teach us something. Trouble comes simply because we live in a world filled with tribulation.  John 16:33 “In the world ye shall have tribulation: but be of good cheer; I have overcome the world.”

I am from Louisiana so I have faced storms such as hurricanes for decades. We cannot avoid all of the storms that come against us spiritually. But I can avoid the storms that come due to disobedience by simply being obedient.

As a child of God we are capable of walking with our Father hand-in-hand so when storms come we simply allow Him to hold us tight. Notice I did not say that we are to hold Him tight. He has us. Jesus said that we are in His hand and He is in the Father’s hand. God wants us to walk closely with Him so He can steer us through the storms.

Walking through the valley of death is a given. He tells us “when” we walk through the vally He is with us. There will be storms we cannot avoid but even then we are not alone.