I had a emotionally difficult day.  Without your prayers for us I know we could never survive. You must be praying because I have slept 7 hours per night for 2 weeks whereas for the last 3 years I averaged only three hours a night.

We received siblings ages 5 & 11 last night. Unbelievable abuse!

Tim is having another surgery in the morning. Same knee. Incredible.


When electricity became available in remote rural areas, one woman went to great trouble and expense to have electricity installed in her home.   A few months after the wiring was installed and the power was turned on; the power company noticed that the home didn’t use very much power. Fearing that there was a problem they sent a meter reader to check on the matter.

The meter reader saw that the power was indeed working properly and then asked the woman, “Do you use your electricity?” The woman replied, “Of course we do. We turn it on every night to see to light our oil lamps and then we turn it off.”  Kind of crazy, don’t you think? Having all of the power that you need and the ability to tap into it all of the time, but only using it just enough to “get by.  No one we know, would do that, we can’t hardly stand it, when the power is out at all, especially if it’s hot outside.

However, some people do just what the woman in the story did, week in and week out with the power and presence of God. How’s come, most people will go out of their way to go to church, but have little relationship with God through the week?

This ilustration demonstrates what is all too true for many Christians. We have everything at our finger tips (turning the pages of His Word) and we use it so sparingly. Exodus says in 33:13 “If I have found favor in your sight, Please show me your ways that I might find favor in your sight”.

Do you want His favor or blessings in your life. Turn on the elecrticity in His Word. Do not use it sparingly.