Yesterday Aroldo was told the children on hemodialysis can be converted to Peritoneal dialysis meaning 7 machines at our house. The cost will be 44,000 quetzales a month just for the use of the machines excluding medicine, food, etc. If you have ever prayed for us now is the time to get specific. We need more folks with compassion to help monthly.

I want everyone to understand that the banking problems we had when our bank was sold have been solved and everything is fine. Please contact Jessie for information on how to get your team money to us. Thanks!

The visitors continue to paint
The visitors continue to paint


I have been so unworthy of what God has done over the years in my life. I am so simple. ¬†Matthew 7:7 says, “Ask and it shall be given to you, seek and you shall find; knock and it shall be opened to you.” Notice that the first letter of each of the main directives is A for ask; S for seek and K for knock. And what do they spell? ASK!

Ask in simplicity. God does not need flowerly prayers. He just needs simplicity. “Help me Oh Lord” is a powerful prayer. “Forgive me” is another. Today I pray “Provide for the diaysis children oh my Father”.

When we seek we are looking to discover something. Seeking God and His Word will bring us to His promises and His blessings. I always tell people when I am giving my testimony that God loves the children more than I do. They are more precious to God than silver and gold. God promises to never forget us.

Knocking tells me God wants persistence in prayer. Sadly I always pray when I am faced with a difficult decision or hard circumstance. God deserves more than that. If the only time a child spoke to me was to say he needed new shoes I would be hurt. Knocking also indicates determination.

I must be determined that I will not fold up camp and run. I must be determined to stand and fight for the souls and lives of the children a well as the soul and lives of my own natural family.

I am in a corner and I am ASKing. As I look at an additional 44,000 per month for dialysis I throw myself upon the mercy of the living God.