His promises

The Woodlands continue to provide for the different dorms. Josh & Carla are staying busy with whatever is necessarery & Dr. Hines group arrives late tonight to help with the medical needs in the clinic. So we are busy.

Tim is down with his knee & I am slowed by my foot. The weather is so wet but we are nearing the start of tiling the hospital so it is encouraging.



Don’t you just love the promises of God? He wants to bless us so much and He actually feels joy when He can help us through the storms. Philippians 2:13 “It is God which worketh in me both to will and to do His good pleasure”. Helping me gives Him pleasure. That blows me away. He tells me that in time of trouble He is with me. See Psalms 9:15.

Just a day ago abother 50 people within the United States of America were viciously gunned down. Our world is filed with troubles and dangers. Five times in 27 years I have a had a gunned forced into my face and been robbed. Although I have a 9mm pistol I know that my protection must come from the Lord. I am not Wyatt Earp.

Isaiah 41:10 says that He will strengthen me. Paul himself said that when he is weak he is strong. My strength runs low so often. I struggle sometimes just getting started daily. The burdens we carry often times weigh us down to where mid-afternoon seems like the best time to go nighty-night.

Years ago a scripture found in Isaiah 43:2 so encouraged me that my entire life changed. It reads ‘When I pass through the waters He will be with me”. Oh, how deep I have gotten myself many times. I feel literally run over with waves of pressure, sadness and the like. But He is always there lifting my head aboove the rushing waters and keeping me afloat.

Then there is that wonderful scripture I read as I get older which¬†comforts me. In Matthew 11:28 “I will give you rest”. When Dottie and I get a day or two away from Casa we no longer boogie-woogie or sight-see we REST. We just do some walking and rest as much as we can. This is the therapy of do-nothingness!

Protection, strength,safety and rest! Who could ask for naything more?