There will be 137 visitors here tonight. They are helping us as well as doing outreach. Gretchen and Brani are learning so much as to managing teams and work assignments.

Mariella, wife of Mario, had their second baby girl today.


Family time
Family time

Fueds are due to one word and one word only: Unforgiveness. Marriages dissolve, jobs are lost and churches split over that one word. Forgiveness is not natural. Only a person who truly realizes how much God has forgiven him will be able to forgive others.

Forgives is an act from deep within. It is a deliberate act of your will.If a person has harmed you or offended you there will be a crossroad in your life. You will have to choose whether you will forgive and love that person or not forgive and keep bitterness in your heart.

An unforgiving attitude is living with a sinful attitude. You have to FORGET. If you carry things in your heart or mind it will slowly eat away your spiritual self. If Jesus can forgive me from a LIFETIME of sins how then can I not forgive the few sins others have done towards us?