We also have a Georgia team here & they are spending time with the babies. West Virginia is here and Illinois arrives tonight.

Aroldo, Sebastian & a team took the dialysis children to the zoo and Adam took a team to minister on the coast.

Americans teaching baseball
Americans teaching baseball

Cain murdered Abel and that feud ended in disaster. Joseph was going to be killed by his brothers, but instead they sold him into slavery. That fued brought pain to the family for years and took a famine to restore the relationship. Absalom tried to kill David and take over the throne of Israel. Adonijah opposed Solomon being the king of Israel and Solomon had him killed. In the world fueds normally do not end well.

The fued between Jacob and Esau also lasted many years and caused tremendous sorrow, pain and division as all fueds will do. Esau sold his birthright for a bowl of soup. Rebecca lied and chose Jacob as her favorite son. Jacob then deceived his father causing Jacob to have to run and be separated from his father Isaac for over 20 years. In that span of time Rebecca died.

Ungratefulness, lying, favoritism and deception proved to be a terrible pill to swallow. When Jacob returned life was different and would never truly be repaired. Esau was bitter but he was the better man and forgave his brother. Jacob had to wrestle with God in order to get his heart right.

God changes Jacobs name and gives him a new identity. The name change indicates that God will honor His promise of Abraham and Isaac.  As Jacob, now Israel, realizes what God has done and is doing he begins to look differently at his life and responsibilities. The destiny of the blood line would continue and eventually Jesus was born.

Do not hold a grudge or keep bitterness in your heart. It not only does not pay but it can steal your future. God has a call on your life so do not blow the destiny He has chosen for you.