Mario & Mariella named their daughter Lisy Rebecca.

There were extremely heavy rains last night so the blocks are soaked delaying the teams from painting but they stayed busy with other projects. The First Baptist team went with Adam for a street ministry in Guatemala City.

Lisy Rebecca
Lisy Rebecca


As we continue with the theme of fueds and unforgiveness I was thinking this morning of what God refers to in His Word as the ROOT of bitterness. A root cannot be seen. In Louisiana where I was born and raised we had huge, beautiful trees. However beneath the surface of the ground there is a root system that is as large or even larger than the tree itself.

We humans tend to let things fester and grow in our hearts until one day they surface like a volcanic explosion. Sin lives within us. God says that “out of the heart comes” some very terrible sins. Certain things push our buttons and we lash out. Proverbs 4:23 says that we should guard our hearts.

What helps us is Philippians 2:13 where Paul tells us that God is at work WITHIN us. God works amongst the roots of our hearts. He goes deep with the Holy Spirit into our heart with conviction and cleansing. We have a choice of whether to keep the root of bitterness inside of us or forgive those whom we feel have harmed us.