Kevin is going to physics, biology and chemistry tutoring daily to prepare for the entrance exam to medical school. He has such a desire to become a physician.

Sebastian had another meeting with CNA today. This has become a constant and necessary part of his job.

The teams have begun with the painting where the other teams have finished and the tile for the hospital has been delivered. Josh & Carla left but The Woodlands team is here another night & hosting activities for the teenage girls.

Josue, Estella and the kids. They left and we already miss them.
Josue, Estella and the kids. They left and we already miss them.

Luke 14:18-20 says, “And they with one assent began to make excuses”.  I am so saddened by the fact that many Christians are only excuse makers in the Kinagdom of God. They fail to take to heart the great responsibility that we as Christians have to do the right thing when called upon by the Lord. Jesus tells a parable of invitations being given to folks to attended a gathering.

In Luke 14:18 the first excuse given is that of possessions. A gentleman says that he has purchased property and needs to see it. The materialistic world we live in has become and excuse for not going to church, not helping when we do attend a church, etc.

In 14:19 the excuse has to do with purchasing oxen and having to check on them. The excuse therefore is one of “I am too busy”. We stay so busy but in reality whatever WE WANT TO DO we make time to do it. Unfortunantly serving Gid is not a high priority on the list of very many people.

Finally, in 14:20 the excuse is “I have married a wife and I cannot come”. Of all the excuses people use to not get involved in ministry BLAMING others is a high priority. I rmember inviting a man to my church and he said “I will never go to your church because I know the hypocrites in your church”. How sad! I wonder how Jesus will treat that excuse as to why this man chose to do nothing because he felt he could blame another person for his failures.