A second day of not feeling very well! But I did enjoy spending time sharing with the Esperanza girls. They asked such deep questions about my life. I pray it helps them.

Estella and Josue’ came from the states with 3 of her high school students so they always bring joy to our hearts. Seeing our grandchildren, Isa and Javi, is so special.

The teams are all busy even though rains came. They served ice cream to various dorms & then had a barbecue for the older girls as well as a game night.



If I said this to you (It is a heart that knows how little it deserves yet how much it has received) how would you answer that? In Psalms 51 David tells us this is the broken and contrite heart.This type of broken heartedness indicates that we know, as David did, just how much we lost when sin entered the world and yet how much we have gained by the love of Jesus.

Jesus wants us to get out of ourselves and into His mercy and grace. In Psalms 51 there are ¬†instructions that just leap off of the page to me. First, v7 says, “Purge me and wash me as white as snow”. David knew his sin was absolute filth in the eyes of God. He had allowed himself to become dirty by his actions of adultery and murder. Second, v8 says, “Make me hear joy and gladness”. Sin takes away our ability to walk in happiness with God and those around us. Sin steals the joy we were intended to enjoy.

Third, v9 says, “Do not hide your face from me”. Recently an older girl lied to me about a situation and I punishd her for the lie. I did not throw her away. But her boyfriend was so hurt by her deception that he would not talk to her. My punishing her had no major influence but his not talking to her devestated her. In fact I had to ask him to consider mercy. Even Jesus on the cross screamed, “My God, My God why have you forsaken me?” If our sin prevents us from face-to-face communication with God it is pain beyond compare.

Fourth, v10, “Create in me a clean heart”. This is where we end up. Our hearts have been so misguided by Satan that we scream for God to clean us. The filth of sin and the work of the flesh causes us to feel the stench that only Christ can wash clean.

More tomorrow