The NC team is tearing down the public restrooms, painting walls and preparing the new public restrooms. Also they are running the electricity to Dottie’s fountain. Dottie and Carolyn continue to prepare the fountain. We are choosing colors for the inside of the new Genesis House for dialysis.

Dottie & I spent part of the evening with the older teenage girls in Doncillas.

If you get anything from Lori Rogers at she works in our USA office so she is ligit.

Removing the public bathrooms
Removing the public bathrooms

God has plans for us and He shares those plans. We think we just get onto the road He has planned for us and it is smooth sailing. Today as we were choosing colors for the hospital I was thinking that I had thought we would be way down the road by now. But the road was blocked.

First, there was the fire down the road which caused a family to lose everything. So we invested our block layers and our money to build them a small home which is near completion. Second, we realized that we just had to give Lee and Candy a break. With over 60 boys ages 8 – 12 and very little adult help we need to move 15 out of that dorm. So now we have split our work force. Three men are working on the new dorm and 5 are working on the ramps for the hospital.

What I have to hold on to is that the road will eventually open up and we will continue towards the goal of providing the medical care for other children. Miracles are not always so clear to our natural eyes but perseverance in the direction He has pointed you will bring us to victory.