It appears that the governmental department over homes for children has accepted the report. We will know soon.I am so proud of Sebastian: his professionalism and the team he has put together.

We do not have a Guatemalan couple whom we have raised who is ready to be dorm parents so we need an American couple for the 15 little boys.

Lillian left today after over 23 years living at Casa. She is the last of a family of six whom some of you remember because of the story I tell of their abandonment by the father when their mother had cancer and the policeman who found them.

Lillian and me
Lillian and me

Remember I shared that money and work can be enemies of our love for God. Getting things done is a drive that I have but sadly it can take the place of a relationship with God. What happens is I get things done for ME and not for HIM.

What does “loving God with all of your heart” mean? Your heart is the seat of your feelings. I need to express my feelings for God. In fact, if you come to Casa you will see that during praise and worship in our church services that I am in the front row. I do not want to look at a bunch of people who stand around like statues. I want to praise and dance.

It is amazing to me how people can scream and jump and throw their arms in the air when their football team wins and yet go to church and stand motionless┬álike nothing exciting is happening. Once when watching LSU win a national championship in football I leaped as high as I could when the game ended and we had won. HONESTLY, before I came back to the ground I heard God say, “YOU NEVER LEAP THAT HIGH FOR ME!”

Whay causes you to leap?