Juan Carlos does have kidney failure and has begun hemodialysis. He is Sindy 2’s brother. She is also in dialysis. Jeremy, age 4, will have openheart surgery on the 10th.

After church I spent time on the finances for the month. We had the birthday girls for the month of May eat gumbo with us and then ice cream and cake.

My birthday gift to Dottie
My birthday gift to Dottie

When I think of what Casa needs more than anything I thinkof the prayers of those who love us. We have no corporate sponsors so all of our finances come from individuals and churches. Yet all these 27 years God has blessed us and been faithful to clothe, feed, education, medicate and meet all the daily needs from electrical to automobile gasoline, etc.


Those of you who receive this news letter monthly are for-the-most-part monthly supporters so I want to thank you for loving the children and trusting, Dottie, myself and staff with the lives of the children.


As long as I know that people are praying for us and the children I can be at peace.