Tim has to carry a bag with a long suction line from his knee to drain the infection. The children in dialysis told him, “Now you know how we feel”. That is so sobering to think about.

Jeremy entered the hospital for his open-heart surgery.

Kevin is preparing to take his physics & chemistry exams in order to enter medical school.

Our banking situation is back to normal. Our bank was purchased by another bank but has finally been resolved & all transfers are coming correctly.


Love cannot just be an attitude. Love must translate into action. Jesus loved people as the opportunity occured.  As people entered into His life on a daily basis He used th opportunity. How many examples could we give? Dozens! He demonstrated love to the widos, the poor, the blind, the rippled, the leper, the man who had a convulsive son and a womam whose son had died.

Love is not what you feel in your heart. Love is what you express with your mouth, arms and entire being. I cannot say I love the poor and not give them aid. I cannot say I love those who are ill and not provide medical help. The list can go on.

Jesus did not wake up each morning with a written agenda. Jesus arose and walked through the day taking the opportunities as they presented themselves. So should we!