Many years ago one of the first families who came was Lillian & her 5 siblings. They have all left and are married except for Lillian. She told me today that after 22 years here it is time to leave. We had a good cry but I am blessed at for the young Christian woman she has become.

CJ & his team along with our workers dug up the drive way and installed more water lines from the water tower. Now not only will we have water for the hospital but we will be able to build anything in the future and always have sufficient water.

Chad & his family left for home this morning.


The first ramp in the hospital
The first ramp in the hospital


Many folks email me about what I write and some make comments about my emotions. I am an emotional person. That is who I am. I believe that the way we react emotionally to the world around us is who we really are. I do not try to keep my emotions hidden. What you see is what you get.

I suggest that everyone learn to express their feelings. Who are we fooling? God knows the real us so why should we pretend to be something else.

It has been my experience that I learn from my emotions and therefore I learn to control them.