The teenagers went through their clothes & we bagged all of the items they wanted to give to the poor. Minor’s girl-friend Susie and her university classmates came & hosted 2 parties for the younger children.

Larry & Sue left this morning.

A team from Alabama arrived last night.

Estrelita girls in church
Estrelita girls in church


When we love God with all of our soul we will be loving Him with passion. An example is the parable of the lost coin that when it was found there was great joy. That parable is also where we see the prodigal son and the joy of the father when his son returned.

This passion causes us to want to serve him and obey what He has asked that us to do. My soul will cry out for Him to answer and guide me. Your soul is the very essence of who you are. Loving God should be who we are. Hungering for the touch of His presence should be the depth to which we desire to go.

He is as near as I desire Him to be.