Blessed and delighted.

Twelve of the older teens went to donate blood for both Juan Carlos, dialysis, and Jeremias, open heart surgery next week. 11 of the 12 were accepted which has never happened before.

Roshell, Angelina’s daughter, is studying the violin and I need to get her a used violin. If you have one and are willing to part with it I will pay.


Family dinner
Family dinner


Psalms 1 tells of the blessed man. The author begins by saying that a happy Christian “walks not in the counsel of the ungodly”. He just will not listen to the advice of an evil person as to how to live. He refuses the advice of a person whois not walking with Jesus.

Secondly, “He will not stand in the path of the sinner”. He goes from walking to now standing which indicates he will not linger or hang around those who walk contrary to the Word of God.

Finally he says, “Nor sits in the seat of the scornful”. He is not going to relax with those who reject Jesus. This Christian will not support their actions nor their stand against that which is of God.

He goes on to say that the delight of a child of God is found in the Word of God meaning a godly man will listen and obey the Word. We will never be blessed as individuals nor families nor as a nation until we are joyful about the Word of God.

A truly blessed man will read the Word, meditate on that Word and attempt to obey it to the best of their ability. He will then become like a tree that PRODUCES FRUIT.