Kate went to the states today and Chad’s family leaves Thursday for a few weeks so with Adam,¬†Vilma & Jessie also gone we are short handed.

We are still praying for a couple to come as dorm parents for the 15 boys ages 7-8.

We want to hire 4 professional nannies with 2 for the baby dorm and 2 for the dialysis dorm. They only cost $400 each per month and I am praying that someone or a church would like to help us with salaries for them.

Another need we have at Casa is for a full time seamstress. We need a maintenance man especially one who could be a supervisor. So our staff needs continue to grow. Pray with us please.

Two new children, ages 9 months and 9 years, arrived today.



Did you ever have an itch where you could not scratch such as in the middle of your back? sadly many people live lives with an itch they cannot scratch. They desire a life of satisfaction but they cannot find any satisfaction with their current lives. As Solomon says, “All is vanity”. That means emptiness.

people go from relationship to relationship or job to job or place to place or church to church and they feel little satisfaction.