A third idiot

We presented the 12 seniors with their suits for their internship. Dottie had refreshments so it was special to them.

Pray for the surgery of 4 year old, Jeremy, although they have delayed it. He will have to stay there until a space opens up. Lucy will care for him during the 6 week recovery. Also another child is having testicle surgery and then Juan is still in the hospital on hemo-dialysis.

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We saw that Adam and Eve were foolish in deciding to break the one rule God gave them where the reason for their foolishness was pride. Then we saw David make foolish decisions based on lust for a woman. But who would have ever thought a man would change his entire life and the history of mankind by begging for a bowl of gumbo or soup?

But Esau did just that. History should have read Abraham, Isaac and Esau instead of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob. Isn't it amazing how many families have been destroyed because of something small and seemingly insignificant? Marriages fall apart over small things. I have counseled many couples of whom I have asked what the problem is and their answer is down-right ridiculous. It is not about adultery or physical abuse. It is often something so petty that I wonder why they even came to me to begin with.

Many marriages end in disaster because of small things. How stupid can someone be? To give up a heiritage where the oldest son received 2/3 of the wealth and headship (total control) over the family and ALL of the members was truly as dumb as it gets.

I suppose we learn from Esau that decisions made by the stomach or in the spur of the moment can harm us for years to come. Too often we make a decision without any thought of long term consequences. Heat-of-the-moment sex can lead to unwanted pregnancy. Lust of the eyes can cause someone to steal and the result will be years in prison.