A Second Idiot


The book by S. Miller tells us that David made some very foolish decisions that were very costly. Those decisions qualify David as a fool. Everyone is familiar with Bathseba but do you remember the daughter of Saul? Her name was Michal.

Saul told David to slay 100 Philistines & Michal would be his. David did and Michal became his wife. But later Saul would give Michal to Palti (II Samuel 3). When David became king he demanded Michal come to his home and be his wife even thugh he had 7 wives at the time. So she left her husband and walked to the palace with the husband crying behind her in the street as he followed Michal to David’s home.

Later David would be dancing before the Lord because the Ark had returned to Israel. Michal laughed and criticized David. God then said she would be barren forever.

What made David an idiot in this story?

Like most of us David could not handle rejection and even though he did not love Michal nor even want her he took her from her husband, breaking up her home and family, just to pay back what Saul had done. We all are fools when we hurt others because they do not agree with us.

Jesus taught in Mark 5 that if you were witnessing and were rejected by the people of the house or the community just shake the dust off your feet and move on to the next house. Not everyone who visits Casa, supports Casa or is on staff at Casa will agree with me in every decision. But I cannot receive that as rejection. If I am smart and not an idiot I will listen to them and see where I can improve.