Would you believe that Jeremy returned to Casa one week after open-heart surgery? He looks amazing and is only 5 years old. The surgeons did an awesome job.

A large team from Texas arrived last night nd they will be painting the Genesis house beginning on the third floor & also will be working in plumbing & electrical projects as there are capable folk on this team. The Georgia team will be cleaning all the tables, chairs and walls in the dining hall which is a huge undertaking.


Tim's latest surgery
Tim’s latest surgery

It is said that when David Livingston was in deepest Africa he received a letter which read, “I have a group of missionaries who would like to assist you. Is there a road good enough for us to reach your area?” ¬†Livingston answered, “If they need a good road I do not need them. If they are not willing to travel where there is no road at all then they would not be of any help”.

As we are now constructing the small dorm for 15-20 small boys I pray daily for house parents. Stepping out in faith is always necesary if we are to do His will. I have two of our Guatemalan couples raised at Casa who are willing to do the job but both are involved in other work here where I do not want to lose them. It would be more difficult to replace them than to have an American couple step up to accept the challenge.

Of course, it must be a call of God. We do have a good road that leads to our home. We are not deep in a jungle area as Livingston was. But the commitment must be the same. To become a house parent is to accept the challenge of receiving the lives of children into your life.

I am trying to see clearly about this important decision.