Who lived/died for who?

It is end of the month so Sebastian and I worked on the monthly report.

Gretchen left a few days ago for 3 weeks.

Quique is taking his college entrance exam tomorrow. That is hard to believe.

Visitors performing
Visitors performing


I was thinking of Easter and the Resurrection following those horrible hours of suffering and death which Jesus endured. I remember hearing somewhere that God treated Jesus as though He lived my life and God treats me as though I lived Jesus’s life.

He took my many years of sin, selfishness, self-righteousness and hundreds of other faults and He went to the cross instead of me. He did not deserve to be beaten, rejected, crowned with thorns and nailed to that cross. I deserved it. I am a sinner saved by the grace and mercy and love of a heavenly Father Who allowed His own Son to pay a terrible price so that I can spend eternity with Him.

It is sobering to me when I think of what I have done been after receiving Jesus as Savior. Although I can undo nothing I see how little I truly changed over the years. I have fallen so short. I could have done so much more with the opportunities God gave me. Each day is a gift but most days I do not seem to be as appreciative as I should be for the gift of breath.

We too often go through a day so busy and self-consummed that we accomplish very little of the spiritual opportunities God has afforded us.