Our Guatemalan bank was purchased by another bank so we are going through those changes. It is going well and the local bank people have been very helpful.

Another small team arrived led by Farrel & Ina who were the first people to ever sponsor a child at Casa.

These men are from the mayor's office and they are helping us to help the family who were burned out.
These men are from the mayor’s office and they are helping us to help the family who were burned out. They are donating sand, rocks, etc.


God called Abraham from Ur and sent him to a land he did not know. Moses was in the desert when he first met the Lord and God sent him to Egypt to finish his purpose. Peter was fishing when he first met Jesus and he was sent to minister to others. Isaiah 6 tells us that when Isaiah met God He was overcome but God told him that he needed someone to help minister to others and Isaiah said, “Here I am send me”.

When we meet God face-to-face in our salvation experience with Jesus we will WANT to be sent. We just do not want to be what we were. Just like Abraham and others we will leave the comfort of the old life. We will sometimes have to leave family, friends and culture. Like Peter we may need to walk away from security of a job or position. In fact we may be sent away from everything that we once were safe about.

It appears to me from just these 4 illustrations above that once we meet Him we will be sent. Pack your bags!!