In June the wife of the Louisiana governor will host a fundraiser for medical needs at Casa.

The staff/visitors here are blessing Dottie & I with hotel time to rest on Monday.

The worship team spent a couple of hours with Jim & Adam in the morning and then in the evening Gladys had a special service only for the teens who wanted “more of God”.

Monday we will cut back to 3 block layers on the couple's home & put 5 back on the Genesis house construction.
Monday we will cut back to 3 block layers on the couple’s home & put 5 back on the Genesis house construction.


The people Israel wanted a king. Although this was not the will of God He allowed them to have Saul as their king. It was a disaster and eventually cost Saul his life. Saul did not have a heart for God but David even with all his flaws had a heart for the Lord.

We know from I Samuel 13:14 that when David was chosen his family did not regard him as too important. But God saw the heart. God always sees the heart.

Briscoe said there were three differences between David and Saul. First, Saul did not think he needed to depend on God. He felt that he could do things without the Lord’s help. Whereas David for the most part realized how much he needed God.

The first great failure of Saul was that when God told him to wait 7 days for the prophet he waited 6 days and a bunch of hours and then offered the sacrifice. He paniced and went ahead of God trying to do things himself. We will always err if we do not rely on God and His Word.

Saul had “Mike’s” disease which is being antsy or anxious or nervous while supposedly waiting on God. Oh, I say that I believe and that I am standing but the truth is I am running 100mph on the inside. Just like Saul my inner man is saying, “What if God does not show up?”

But look at David. He says that to do God’s will was his desire. He was willing to wait on the Lord. I trust that I will be less like Saul and more like David every day of my life.