It was a beautiful sunny Sunday and the children just basked in that sun. It is always good to have an uneventful day.


Yesterday we said that David DEPENDED on God whereas Saul rushed ahead of God and lived a life of independence. The Christian who does not connect daily with God in prayer and praise will make many wrong choices throughout his days. As I write this all of you know that I have not always depended on God. I have run ahead or I have lagged behind. Too often we think that independence of God is acceptable. “I think God wants…” is the mantra of many folks. Instead of depending on the Lord and His directions we go BEFORE we know His will because we ‘think’ it is what He wants.

A second contrast between David and Saul in the area of “a man with a heart after God” is that dreaded word OBEDIENCE. No human being is born with a desire to obey. As soon as a child is old enough to grab or to waddle across the living room he will not only be independent of you as a parent but DISOBEDIENCE seems to be his only desire. My oldest son, Tony, as a 4 year old was near a space heater and Dottie told him not to touch it. She moved him to another room and he waddled back and touched it. The burn was severe enough to take him to the emergency room.

He touched the heater just as Eve touched the apple.

We see with the first two ideas I have presented that Christians are to depend on the wisdom and power of God and to obey when He speaks. The most difficult word I have experienced in my Christian life is the word “Wait”! The clock is ticking on my life clock and I want to see so many other things. I want to see what happens to the children we have raised. Some have done well and some have not done very well. But the ones who missed it had been filled with the Seed of the Word and I want to see them come back to Christ. And those who made good decisions I want to see how God uses them.

I want to see the transition through to the end and therefore know as I walk from the earthly world to the heavenly kingdom that thousands of more children will pass through the gates of Casa to learn about Jesus, feel safe, get an education, be treated if ill and to be loved unconditionally.

Depend on Christ, Obey Christ and then?