Genesis, Karen and Elias

With Elias leaving today we feel that we have accomplished the goal of being the half-way house between the hospital and transplanted kidney to healthy enough to return to their families. All of the children who have been in the dialysis house whether they have gone home, died or still here have given their lives to Jesus. Thank you for being part of this ministry.

Human Right came to see our transition home program & were impressed. They believe they can implement it elsewhere.

The older teens love the younger children so much
The older teens love the younger children so much


There are so many different answers when asked “What characteristic is the most important in a Christian?” My favorite is mercy but others would say love or generosity or peace. Many other characteristics are certinly desering to be on our list.

However, as I age and walk the road God has chosen for me I have come to believe that encouragement is so very necessary if I am to finish my race with peace. When I was in 8th grade I was in a track meet and rain had made the dirt track slippy. As I was running a 300 yard race I was leading going into the first curve where I promptly slid in the mud.

My thought ws “I have lost” but I heard a scream & looked to my left only to see my father motioning me up and screaming encouragement. I arose, ran and won the race.

My senior year in high school we were in tha playoffs and the score was against us 7-6 when near the end of the game the other team was forced to punt. As I caught the ball going towards the sideline I could see my father running down that sideline and I turned upfield and was fortunate enough to score the winning touchdown.

At the celebration the talk of everyone was how my over 60 year old father had run down that sideline.

We all need someone to run with us!!