Wednesday is Dottie’s birthday and she wants to go to a garden center and buy pots, bushes, flowers and plants. She has always been a cheap date.

Neither one of us is feeling very well today. Flu-like symptoms, etc.

Sebastian was called to CNA tomorrow which will be his first trip there alone. They are the power brokers for homes for children. He will do fine.

Bob's carpentry class has been making shelving for the school.
Bob’s carpentry class has been making shelving for the school. These boys are helping him on Saturday.

Phillippians 3:13-14 “I count myself not to have apprehended but this one thing I do is forgetting the things behind and reaching forth unto those things which are before. I press toward the mark for the high calling of God in Christ Jesus”.

The final point Lee shared was that focus points us to the goal. We have a goal in mind. We are not just running to be running. As a child in a safe and child-filled neighborhood in Bunkie, La. I played kick-the-can or hide-and-seek every evening. There were dozens of us and when the person who was “IT” shut his eyes and began to count to 10 it was truly helter skelter and kids ran every direction to hide. Some even ran over or knocked down other children.

What is your goal? Do you awaken every morning running in every direction? Do you have a reason to even get out of bed? Do you fail when it comes to MIND OVER MATTRESS?

I ran track in high school and college and I was a 100 yard dash man or a 200 yard dash man as well as the 400 and 800 yard relays. I was okay but never great. I was just good enough to get it to the anchor man so I always ran the 3rd leg. I rarely gained ground but I never lost ground so my anchor man always had the chance to bring the baton to the finish line first. We won 90% of our races.

But sometimes the coach asked me to run a 400 or 800 yard race. I was terrible. I did not know the pace to run it correctly and usually would lead for 3/4s of the race only to lose terribly in the stretch. Why? Because I ran “MY” race and did not listen very well to the instructions of my coach. He would tell me to run the first part of the race slowly and then try to finish swiftly. But I hated being behind so normally I went out fast and was worn out in the home stretch.

The goal eluded me. Do not lose sight of the race you and you alone are called to run. FOCUS!!

Today at nearly 73 years I am seeking my next race to follow the transition.