David’s heart

Dottie and I have rested some. In fact she even had a pedicure. So we will be refreshed when we get back to Casa. Someday we will take an extended vacation.

Last night Ezdras taught all of the teenage boys “The battle of the mind”.

Families eating together
Families eating together



Do you ever feel as though you are in the lion’s den? Or maybe you feel you are in the firey furnance. Have you faced a Goliath in your life? Maybe you have faced an entire family of giants. Expressions like “When it rains, it pours” seems appropriate for most Christians.

Yesterday while walking with Dottie I asked her if she could remember the last time we had a week free of warfare. Sadly she could not. It seems like we “jump from the frying pan into the fire” every few days. We put out one fire only to have another one break out. The expression “War is hell” is very true for Christians because we all are in a warfare and the enemy are the legions of hellish demons who desire to kill, steal and destroy.

Foolishly many people believe that once they trust Christ for salvation all of their troubles will go away. That is totally opposite to what we see in the Bible and by the experiences of great men and women of God throughout history. Christians sometimes die young; have problems with their children; experience financial disasters and the list of negatives is a mile long.

The reason is that when you say “I do” to Jesus you say ¬†“I will not” to Satan. Satan cannot handle rejection.

David had a different heart.  Tomorrow!!