More of Dottie's birthday flowers
More of Dottie’s birthday flowers

I made more radio shows for KAJN.

A Louisiana team arrived to finish plumbing in the public resetrooms and the hospital.


Some victories that we have are easy to see. Graduation days and wedding days are obvious victories for Dottie and I as we walk through those joys with the children we have rasied. The caps and gowns or the wedding dress and bridesmaids dresses are so easy to see, appreciate and cause pride. There are trophies, diplomas, awards, photographs and medals that are obvious to those who enter the den of our home where these items are displayed.

But other victories are not as easy to see. Those are the internal victories and they are just as important. What happens on the inside of my children is truly more important then what is happening on the outside. Of course, I cannot see the heart of my children.

In James 4 the half-brother of Jesus tells us that conflicts arise from within us. He says that we battle with desires and covetousness as well as quarreling and fighting. He further states that we ask with the wrong motives therefore we do not receive.

It is the last I want to address. When we go to God we must be sure we are not filled with selfishness and pray only to get His approval to our already decided upon requests. We pray with the wrong motives. Instead of asking for His will for our lives we ask that He just approve what we want. Selfishness is the bottom line cause of ALL conflict. We simply want something that someone else owns or we want something only to please ourselves. Whichever one it is does not matter, it still is selfishness.