Dottie’s birthday was tranquil as she is still feeling weak. It is an inner ear problem. The children have been so sweet to her today as she is so loved. I believe over a dozen gifts of flowers or plants were given to her. She already is “Grandma” whereas I am trying to attain Grandpa status.

Pastor Dave has Dottie and I scheduled for 3 weeks in W.Va., Md and Pa. in September. There will only be 3 Wednesday nights available within 120 miles of Lake Charles and those are Sept 7, 14 and Oct 5th. We will be in Patterson & Morgan City Sept 11th.

Birthday girl!!
Birthday girl!!

I hate conflict! I hate face-to-face confrontation. I remember when Rodney King said, “Can’t we all just get along?”. That is my sentiments exactly. Unfortunantly I cannot AVOID all conflicts. Over the years there have been family conflicts, schoolmates conflicts, relationship conflicts, business conflicts and today I seem to go from one conflict to another.

The one constant in every conflict that I have had in these 3/4 centuries of living is ME! Where I have had conflict I have always been there. Did you ever notice how different everyone is? We are not clones. Even Christians have so many flavors and varieties they make Ben and Jerry’s a backyard ice cream shop.

The years have passed here at Casa so swiftly and I honestly believe that we have experienced every type of human being ever created to either visit or stay an extended period of time. We have had positive folk and negative folk; concerned folk and cold hearted folk, lazy folk and energetic folk; helpful folk and critical folk; interested and disintrested folk; givers and takers; faithful and half-hearted; humble and prideful; strengtheners and strength suckers; etc.

You and I are not identical to anyone. We are individuals. Even after 53 years of marriage Dottie and I are world’s apart on some issues. Her calm and kind character has not been adopted by me–sadly! My 100mph dive into whatever is in front of me has never been adopted by her–PTL!

Dottie and I have have learned in our marriage that you cannot retreat nor can you over react. You must respond appropriately. I hope God has classes in heaven on this because I am such a slow learner.